Post Mortem Show PATREON!!!!!

Your hosts Dom & JD have been bringing you a FREE weekly show for over 2 years. Unfortunately, producing the show costs us over $100 per month out of our own pocket. Between hosting, promotion, and research/buying movies the show takes up a lot of our time and money. We want to take the show to the next level and give you more content as well as videos and MAKE OUR OWN HORROR MOVIE.

That is why we are creating a Patreon account. We want to give you more content. In exchange for your donation, you will have access to different tiers of extra content depending on how much you donate per month. Any amount helps. If every listener gave only $1 it would make a huge difference in the show and in our lives. Thank you for listening and for your support. As H.P. Lovecraft once said, “If it smells like fish… Throw the fucker back!!!”


SUBSCRIBE to Post Mortem w/ Dom and JD

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