JD and Dom’s Favorite 100 Horror Movies


These are our favorite 100 horror movies. Not necessarily the top grossing or well reviewed but our individual favorites. Disagree? Send in your own to postmortemshow@gmail.com

JD’s List

1. Re-Animator
2. Braindead (Dead Alive)
3. Hellraiser
4. Evil Dead II
5. The Exorcist
6. The Silence of the Lambs
7. They Live
8. Martyrs
9. The Shining
10. Return of the Living Dead
11. Inside
12. Night of the Living Dead
13. A Nightmare on Elm Street
14. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
15. Halloween
16. American Psycho
17. Lord of Illusions
18. Nightbreed
19. Alien
20. Deathgasm
21. Event Horizon
22. The Prophecy
23. From Beyond
24. A Serbian Film
25. Friday the 13th
26. Battle Royale
27. In the Mouth of Madness
28. The Serpent and the Rainbow
29. Switchblade Romance (High Tension/Haute Tension)
30. Green Room
31. Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door
32. Cube
33. Candyman
34. Night of the Demons
35. The Frighteners
36. Beetlejuice
37. House of 1000 Corpses
38. Army of Darkness
39. Jacob’s Ladder
40. Frailty
41. Fright Night
42. Frontier(s)
43. Perdita Durango
44. The People Under the Stairs
45. Secuestrados (Kidnapped)
46. Funny Games
47. Oldboy
48. 8mm
49. Creepshow
50. Dagon
51. Jack Ketchum’s The Lost
52. Audition
53. Jack Ketchum’s Offspring
54. Jack Ketchum’s The Woman
55. The Human Centipede
55. Ginger Snaps
56. Starry Eyes
57. Brainscan
58. From Dusk til Dawn
59. The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Ctuthulu
60. Strangeland
61. Bubba Ho-Tep
62. Wolf Creek
63. Stephen King’s The Mist
64. Dead and Breakfast
65. Soulkeeper
66. Chillerama
67. The Convent
68. Bad Taste
69. The Lost Boys
70. Tusk
71. Cabin Fever
72. Housebound
73. Slither
74. Shocker
75. Excision
76. Stephen King’s IT
77. Terror Firmer
78. Stephen King’s The Night Flier
79. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
80. Stephen King’s Thinner
81. Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight
82. Creep
83. Body Bags
84. The Descent
85. Night of the Creeps
86. Wishmaster
87. The Thing
88. Stitches
89. Silent Hill
90. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary
91. Hostel
92. 2001 Maniacs
93. I Spit on your Grave
94. Baskin
95. August Underground
96. Regorgitated Sacrifice
97. Blue Velvet
98. Found
99. Witching and Bitching
100. The Gate
I did not choose more than one movie from a series to make room for more stuff.

Dom’s List

1. The Exorcist
2. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
3. Friday the 13th Part IV
4. House of 1,000 Corpses
5. Hellbound: Hellraiser 2
6. Alien
7. Reanimator 2
8. Izo
9. Shadow of the Vampire
10. The Cabin in the Woods
(Dom does not take direction very well and made the rest of his list alphabetical. “I don’t do favorites very well. I see things more of a continuum.” FUCKER.)
A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors
A Serbian Film
Army of Darkness
The Attic Expeditions
August Underground: Mordum
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Beyond Reanimator
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Bride of Chucky
Cabin Fever
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Cemetery Man
The Changeling
Come and See
Dead Alive
The Dead Hate the Living
The Dead Next Door
Death Becomes Her
The Devil’s Rejects
Dude Bro Party Massacre 3
Event Horizon
Evil Dead
Evil Ed
The Exorcist 3
Faust: Love of the Damned
Freddy vs Jason
The Gate
Halloween 3: The Season of the Witch
Halloween 6
Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
High Tension
The Hills Have Eyes
House on Haunted Hill (Remake)
I, Zombie
Ichi the Killer
In the Mouth of Madness
Invocation of My Demon Brother
Jacob’s Ladder
Jason X
Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood
The Lost Boys
Meet the Feebles
Modern Vampires
Motel Hell
Mr. Vampire
Night of the Demons
Night of the Demons 2
Night of the Living Dead
The People Under the Stairs
Perdita Durango
Prince of Darkness
The Prophecy
ReGoreGitated Sacrifice
Return of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead 3
The Serpent in the Rainbow
Silent Hill
Slow Torture Puke Chamber
Spooky Encounters
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
The Thing
Thirteen Ghosts (2001)
Tokyo Gore Police
The Toxic Avenger
Trick r Treat
The Video Dead
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