Post Mortem e006 – When I Think About You, I Touch Myself… and Cry (Top 5 Torture Scenes)

Dom and JD seal their places in Hell for your (and their own) amusement once again, returning to the B-Ward to discuss their top five torture scenes (as suggested by listener Jeremy Bryant, if you have any idea for a top 5 send your list to Available now on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Soundcloud and Youtube. This episode is brought to you by and Mechanical Ghost (, and features music by Rudimentary Peni and Bal-Sagoth.

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2 thoughts on “Post Mortem e006 – When I Think About You, I Touch Myself… and Cry (Top 5 Torture Scenes)

  1. Irreversible is fucking insane and a cinematic masterpiece for a variety of reasons. One reason being – in the beginning of the film (maybe it’s throughout, can’t quite remember) there’a a pulsating, droning sound that plays while the camera does its twisting free fall down the side of the building [the cinematography in the film is amazing]. Gaspar Noe said that he found out that that particular frequency induces nausea and sickness in some people, so he intentionally included it to set the tone of the film and to cause a physical reaction to it. He said at the Canne Film Festival, several audience members were throwing up in the isles while trying to run out of the theater.

    Also, Monica Bellucci’s asshole deserves an Oscar for that film. Or at least a reconstruction job…

    As fans of Irreversible, I’d suggest the 1983 German film “Angst” – although I believe I’ve found it through Torrent under the name “Fear”. Gaspar Noe openly credits it as a major influence of his work (the camerawork of Irreversible is a direct homage). The movie essentially follows a psychotic dude being released from prison. You’ll dig it.


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