Post Mortem with Dom and JD is a podcast made by horror fanatics for horror fanatics. It is an exploration of all things dark, violent, macabre and extreme, brought to you with a sense of humor and an eye for story-telling.

Dominick (known professionally as Diskord) is a musician, digital media artist, pro wrestling manager, writer, information junkie, and goat enthusiast. He records and releases experimental, genre-defying music under the project name Mechanical Ghost. As a wrestling manager he has worked alongside former WWE/TNA Superstars; founding member of GWAR, Techno Destructo; as well as numerous top indy talents. Dominick is obsessed with all things Lovecraftian, paranormal, and occult-related.

JD (known professionally as JD Horror) is a father, musician, professional wrestler, concert promoter, writer, and beer drinker. A real jack-off of all trades. He currently sings in a d-beat punk band called Grave Command, and previously played bass and sang in Public Defecation and Weapon A. As a professional wrestler, he has traveled all over the country competing in major deathmatch tournaments (matches involving barbed wire, glass, fire etc). He has been watching horror movies since he was just a wee little shit.

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