e034 – Blood Beasts from the B-Ward (Top 5 Horror Animals)

Dom and JD trample into the B-Ward to monkey around and discuss their top five favorite horror animals. In this weeks zoological frenzy, the boys rate the nostalgia value of “Munchies” and and John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness.” Also, discussions of Eric Trump’s ties to The Joker, and the horrific prospect of Christopher Walken’s head attached to a decapitated horse… Because, why not?

This episode features music by Rudimentary Peni, AxCx, GWAR, and G.G. Allin. It was brought to you by Amazon.com and Freddie Fishfinger’s House of Discount Prosthetic Obama Ears.

Available now on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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