e030 – Ride the Red Rocket to the Mother Ship (Top 5 Horror Cults)

In this episode, Dom and JD supplicate into the B-Ward to discuss their favorite killer cults, fanatical fraternities, secret sects, and creepy covens. Come drink the Kool-Aid with the deranged zealots of the Cult of the Googly-Eyed Silly Putty Wiener Monster. Also, keep an ear out for an extra special announcement! (We put it right in the beginning, in case you have a short attention span.)

This episode features music by Rudimentary Peni and RevCo, and was sponsored by Amazon.com and “Succulent” Corny Cobb’s Erectile Dysfunction Clinic & Day Spa.

Available now on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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