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e247 – Emilio Estevez Gloryholes (Top 5 Horror Movies that We’re Thankful For Pt. 2)

This week Dom & JD revisit last weeks concept of TOP 5 HORROR MOVIES THAT WE’RE THANKFUL FOR but this time its Part 2: The Later Years. Movies we love that we’ve reviewed since the show started that mean a lot. In addition, JD has some good news, there is a Santa Claus Shunting, Paranormal Fraud Nincompoops, Lot lizards and trucker jokes, horror news, and a brand new segment called RESURRECTING THE KING where Dom & JD review old Stephen King adaptations and see if they hold up.

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e047 – Biffsterpiece Theater (Top 5 Horror Movies Based on Books)

Dom & JD return to the B-Ward once again to give you their TOP 5 HORROR MOVIES BASED ON BOOKS. In addition, they review Sun Choke, Abattoir, I Am Not a Serial Killer, and Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies. There is some horror news and the talk of a douchicidal magician. Crack open the binding of this new episode of Post Mortem.

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e033 – Admiral Biff’s All-American Snorkeling Expeditions (Top 5 Haunted Houses)

Dom and JD rattle their chains in the B-Ward, and discuss their favorite haunted houses/places in horror. This episode, the boys are joined by “extreme haunt” aficionado/owner of the Thrash House Gym in Lompoc Jason Carrillo, to learn about California’s hardcore spookhouse scene, and some of the craziest interactive horror experiences you can have.

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e028 – Mommy, The Clown Touched Me (Top 5 Horror Clowns)

In honor of the upcoming new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, the circus has come to Post Mortem. Dom and JD pile into a tiny car and head to the B-Ward to discuss some horror news, the good and bad movie of the week and the Top 5 Horror Clowns. Huh-Huh-Huh-Huh Honk-Honk. This episode is sponsored by Amazon.com and features music from Rudimentary Peni, Crucial Unit, The Oppressed, Bad Brains, Born/Dead and A Global Threat.

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