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e046 – BRING BACK THE STACK! (Top 5 Amputees and Amputations)

Dom & JD crawl into the B-Ward on their nubs to bring you our TOP 5 AMPUTEES AND AMPUTATIONS IN HORROR! In addition to the top 5 and the good movie and bad movie, the Post Mortem boys review the Autopsy of Jane Doe, Blair Witch, Beyond the Gates, and The Eyes of My Mother. Most importantly, they warn you about a certain second rate TV host who may be mandated to knock at your door, especially if you are near a school. Post Mortem, now with 75% less limbs!

This episode is brought to you by Amazon.com and features music from Rudimentary Peni, The Business, and The Rotters. It is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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